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Tikka T3 Billet machined 6.5PRC/WSM/SAUM Magazine

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For years now we've recognized the Tikka T3 platform as an accurate action platform for semi-custom rifle builds. With it's 3.4" factory magazines and 60* bolt throw it offers an ideal "medium length" platform for Various Magnum caliber including the WSM/SAUM/6.5PRC chamber offerings (among others). However factory magazines designed for these cases are limited to sub 2.9" COAL (Cartridge Overall Length). We designed a magazine to fit and feed the WSM/SAUM/6.5PRC case. With shoulder stops machined into the magazine body to prevent bullet tip deformation upon recoil and proper case head presentation these magazines allow up to 3.380" COAL possibilities. Hard anodized black with stainless steel follower springs and black acetal follower.

*NOTE* This magazine is designed to work with factory bottom metals. Some aftermarket bottom metals will NOT work with this magazine. One known bottom metal that DOES NOT work is the Atlasworx Tikka bottom metal. Also It requires replacement of the tikka "short action" bolt stop with a factory "long action" bolt stop (if using with a factory WSM or other short action chambered rifle). Magazine is not compatible with 308 bolt face caliber options (6.5-284, 260 rem, 308Win, 7mm-08, 243...etc)

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