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Available in the new 338 and 300 HCA chamber!

This rifle is the culimation of years of backpack hunting western states for big game as well as dozens of long range hunting kills and opportunities. The ultimate long range hunting rifle. The perfect balance between packable weight, and design which encourages accuracy at extended ranges. This package includes the new Ibex 100% carbon fiber rifle stock, HCA heavy hunter carbon barrel, Lone Peak Razor Titanium action, TriggerTech trigger set at 2 lbs, Hawkins BDL bottom metal with extended centerfeed box magazine, 4 port Titanium brake, cerakoted your color of choice. Rifle weights vary from 6.5 lbs-7.2 lbs depending on caliber and barrel finish length. Guaranteed sub 1/2MOA accuracy with handload ammunition. Note: LeftHand models will use the Alpine Hunter from AG composites.

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