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HCA Tikka Carbon Killer Package

$2 950.00
Product Details

*Donor actions are available as well! This includes action, bolt, bolt release, and trigger assembly only*

In 2020 we started offering a Tikka T3/T3X Build package and it has been wildly successful! Featuring HCA's lightest Carbon Killer barrel, 3 Port brake, custom long throated chambers, Pure Precision Altitude Stocks(non adjustable), HCA billet magazine and bottom metal, bolt fluting and your choice of cerakote and stock patterns. Caliber selection is limited to the following: 300 WSM throated for 215 Bergers (or other equivalent 200+ grain bullet), 7WSM (Throated for 180 Bergers), 7 PRC (AW Reamer and HCA Reamer optimized for 7PRC factory ammo), 6.5PRC (AW2 reamer), 7 Sherman MAX, 6.5 Sherman Max, 25SST, 6.5Creedmoor (SAAMI minimum), 7 SAUM (throated for 180 grain Berger VLD or Hybrids), 6.5SAUM, 284 Win, 6.5-284 Norma.

This package includes a Pure Precision Altitude stock.

Also includes A billet aluminum bottom metal and billet tikka magazine. Our magazine and bottom metal are designed to be drop-in replacements for the tikka bottom metals, without the issues associated with plastic molded parts. Sleek design and functionality are top priorities. Our magazines feature integrated "shoulder stops" which prevent bullet tip deformation under recoil and allow 3.415" OAL capability.

You supply us with your donor rifle or complete barreled action and we'll return it to you as a long range carbon killer! Finish builds weight from 6.8 to 7.3 lbs depending on caliber and finish length. As always thank you for the business!

When shipping your rifle, PLEASE package it VERY WELL! Ship UPS or FEDEX ONLY! Please include a copy of your drivers license as well for FFL purposes. We can legally return the rifle back to your resident address after the build is complete.


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