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HCA Light Hunter Contour Carbon Barrel

Product Details

Please include desired caliber and twist rate in the order comments!

*Please contact for barrel lead times, various calibers in stock, custom orders run 6-8 months*

Our lightest full length contour. Popular with shooters wanting to run lighter stocks with slimmer forends that cannon accept a larger barrel contour. A 26" finished barrel depending on caliber and tennon length/size will weight between 2 lbs 6 oz and 2 lbs 14 oz. This contour runs a standard 1.250" tennon OD x 3" length, and has a muzzle OD of .740". Due to caliber and core safety margins, we only offer up to a 30 caliber in this contour. Our larger .338 caliber barrels will need to run either the Tactical or Heavy Hunter profiles.

Common caliber and twist rates listed below: We also have the ability to run 3 different tennon OD sizes. 1.250", 1.200" and 1.170" for those of you wanting to run a tikka action.

30 Caliber: 1:9.5" twist 5 groove. 1:8" 5 Groove.

7mm: 1:8" 5 Groove, 1:9" 5 Groove

.277: 1:8" 5 Groove, 1:9" 5 groove

6.5mm: 1:8" twist 5 groove, 1:7.5" 5 Groove

25 Caliber: 1:7.5" 5 Groove

6mm: 1.7.75" 5 groove, 1:7" 3 Groove, 1:7.5" 6 groove

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