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Custom Rifle Builds

Hells Canyon Armory started building rifles in 2012.  We're not shy about saying we build the best there is.  Since 2012 the methodology of our rifle building has evolved to the highest standards in precision and accuracy.  We've tried every method out there, we know what works and what doesn't.  Whether you're building your first custom rifle or your tenth, the last thing you want to question is the quality of work going into your rifle.


Please click the link below to what we believe is the best long range hunting rifle build around.  If you have a different configuration in mind, please click the "Request a Quote!" button below to send us an email regarding your build.  Please include information regarding the following:  Do you reload or shoot factory ammo?  Are you target shooting or hunting?  Do you desire a detachable magazine or hinged floorplate bottom metal?  Right or Left Handed?  Thank you and we look forward to helping you build your dream rifle!

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